Graduate studies in strategy and defence (GSSD)


Developing insights into the study of strategy, security and defence issues in a rapidly changing world

The GSSD program continues a long tradition of postgraduate education at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre. In 1966 we became the first university institute for strategic studies in Australia and also in the Asia-Pacific. Since then our research and teaching has traced the major developments in Asian and global strategic affairs and in Australian strategic thinking.

War and conflict have defined world history and the ‘Asian Century’ promises to be no different. The strategic and Defence Studies Centre’s GSSD program allows students to investigate areas such as:

  • Asia's strategic transformation;
  • the conduct of operations across the spectrum of conflict, including counter insurgency;
  • global security issues such as the use of terrorism by extremist group;
  • strategic policy options for Australia and the region;
  • the allocation of defence and intelligence resources in responding to these issues

GSSD students are provided with the analytical frameworks they will need to understand these issues. This requires an appreciation of the leading academic concepts on the use of force in international politics, but we also look at the way these issues are dealt with by strategic policy-makers. Since our teaching faculty includes leading academics and shapers of strategic policy, we are uniquely positioned to strike the right balance between theory and practice.

The Strategic and Defence Studies Centre offers program via a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Masters or Master of Arts programs as well as combined degrees with the Asia-pacific College of Diplomacy.  

Being a GSSD student opens up a rich world of academically rigorous and policy relevant strategic analysis. As Director of Studies I invite you to join this exciting program.

Dr Peter Dean
Director of Studies SDSC

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